Parts And Equipment

High-Precision Injection Molding of Custom Parts

Different Colors of Molding Material

Custom parts produced to your specifications is what we've done for over 35 years.  We service the OE and Aftermarket industries as well as office furniture, locomotive, fuel delivery, government and more.   We use the following materials for injection molding:

• Polyurethane
• Nylon
• Polycarbonate
• Polypropylene
• Polyethylene
• Filled Resins
• Unfilled Resins
• Color Matches

Come to us if you want to have your concepts or designs manufactured with the highest level of precision.  We inspect all of the parts to be used with sets of equipment ranging from handheld to automated visual inspection machines. Furthermore, we take pride in our customer service. We listen and take note of your specifications for the parts and work with you to meet your delivery needs no matter how collapsed the timing.

Quick Prototypes
Through producing a prototype, we assist you in finding out if your idea is going to work. This service can also help clients who are in a rush for a usable part. Simply tell us what you need and we will make it. We will then either machine parts or produce short run tooling in less than 72 hours to meet your timing needs. 

Why Choose Us
Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineers, and designers come to us to produce complicated components for their products. We meet with clients, prior to production, to review the design suggesting cost-saving tips wherever appropriate. We consider ourselves a partner with our customers to deliver what they need, when they need it at a price that works for both of us.  

Contact us to start processing the production of your custom parts.