Parts And Equipment

Intensive Manufacturing Process Using Sophisticated Injection Molding Machines & Equipment

Castino produces polyurethane and plastic components using state-of-the-art injection molding machines with robotic placement, removal and inspection equipment.  Our manufacturing processes are reliable, capable of millions of pieces, and most of all convenient to our clients.

High Volume Production
We have two production facilities with advanced injection molding machines ranging from 100 to 625 tons. We also utilize our high-speed mills and lathes in the production of your tooling. We manufacture as little as 200 pieces and up to 20 million pieces for original equipment manufacturers. Our family is also involved in all aspects of this process to ensure the quality of the products. We are a debt-free operation which gives us the flexibility to invest as the opportunity arises.

Quality Ensured
Our portable inspection equipment allows us to measure parts right off of the press. We download dimensional results into our statistical software giving instantaneous capability studies for the product. We utlize robotic end-of-arm tooling which allows us to place and retrieve parts without marking or damaging the part's surface. 

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